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In The Wake of Divorce Workshop


This workshop is designed to encourage practical steps towards taming the emotional overwhelm in the process of divorce.  If you are considering divorce, currently in or have gone through the process, this workshop is for you! Take some time to help redefine your relationships with divorce, yourself and money.  


Deena will begin to help you visualize yourself in a new way.  Her direction will inspire self-confidence as you begin down a new life path.   


The financial seminar with Nicki, will help you acquire practical knowledge and skills to begin lifting the weight off your shoulders.


Shari with the help of her horses, will start the healing process and help you reconnect with who you are.  Do not let fear of horses stand in your way. We teach you everything you need to know to have a fun and safe learning experinece.  There is no riding the horses and no previous horse skills are necessary.


Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere where you can relax and unwind while you restablish your goals, desires and dreams for your future!







When:    May 31, 2024 from 9am- 5pm

Cost:      $199 + fees or applicable taxes

Where:  Parallel Effects Equine 

               Camrose, AB


Workshop Includes :

 2 horse assisted learning/healing sessions:  

  • The Journey – building relationships, understanding our wounds and patterns we need to change

  • Better Together – understanding our unique healing journey and path moving forward. It is ours to create & how to start

  • Financial seminar - Nicki Pike

  • Divorce - What Now??? - Deena Kordt

  • All necessary workshop materials 

  • Lunch, drinks and snacks included

  • Resources and guidelines to get you back on track! 

Full Scholarship Available!




May 15

Thank you for your Applications
winner has been notified!


Meet Our Team

Nicki Pike is a mortgage broker that focuses on helping women that are currently going through or have gone through divorce.  She uses her own divorce experience along with her 16 years as a mortgage broker to help navigate financial processes including acquiring first time mortgages.  Nicki also has a passion for horses and understands how they are powerful healers, teachers and confidantes.


"Horses have always been my safe place but I let life get in the way and pull me away from them. This meant I lost my connection to horses and the feeling they provided me for way too long. Last year I decided I had gone long enough, 17 years in fact, without owning a horse so I made the decision to buy one! The healing my new horse has provided me was extremely unexpected, even for me. It was unexpected because I had already done the therapy and all the things I was supposed to do to heal after my divorce, but somehow was still hurting. I didn’t even realize how much of me was still hurting until I got my new horse Wyn. Wyn brought me back to myself, he reconnected me with my passion and that feeling of safety horses bring me. He healed the last pieces from my divorce and my grief from the loss of my mom and brother. He brought joy back into my life. He grounded me again. And he brought new and wonderful people in my life! People like Shari with Parallel Effects.  I believe horses are magical creatures with the ability to heal all of us if we put ourselves in their presence and open up to what they can do. That is why I am extremely excited to collaborate with Shari and her horses. What Shari is doing allows more people to experience the gifts horses have and to heal with the help of these amazing animals."

" I have always had a love of horses that came from growing up on a farm and later marrying a farmer/rancher where we utilize horses everyday on our ranch. I have certifications in various modalities of Equine Bodywork Therapy in addition to my certification in horse assisted learning. Being around horses I always knew that they had a unique effect on humans.  I always felt more relaxed and at peace when I spent time with them. Horses have the ability to break down emotional walls, leaving behind a sense of confidence, self worth and relaxation. The more I learned about horses and what they could contribute, the more I realized how much humans need their unique knowledge and help. This led me to take my certification and start Parallel Effects Equine in order to help provide access to the healing and teaching of horses to anyone! " 

I met Nicki through a woman who attended my 2 day Authentic You Women's Workshop.  Nicki and I had similar ideas of helping women navigate life in our respective career fields, so we decided to collaborate. Ironically, our collaboration led us to Deena, who has a like minded vision to empower and support women to keep moving forward through life's obstacles. We are excited to bring this workshop to realization together."

 Deena Kordt grew up on a farm & ranch along the Sask/Montana border where she spent most of her time riding horseback in the miles and miles of her ‘backyard’, experimenting in the kitchen or with her nose buried in a book. 

Despite significant losses & potentially debilitating challenges, Deena recognizes, and practices using, the power of mindset & manifesting to heal, grow, and create abundance in her life. 

From her experience of 30+ years of narcissistic domestic abuse, she is determined to support others in knowing they are not alone. Helping others in their journey to find safety, freedom, and the infinite bounty available to them, is her mission. 

Deena’s writing & blogging has led to authoring & publishing. In her books, content, coaching and speaking, she encourages women, empowering them to never give up. She shares ways to reconnect with themselves, claim their worth and create their dream life! 

As the owner & publisher of Life Changes & Divorce Magazine Canada (a free publication available across much of Alberta) she connects local resources with the people who need support to navigate this difficult transition. Deena also hosts a podcast, online support groups and retreats.


Deena's Book:

"You Can Make shIT Happen!" is available now for purchase on Amazon. Click here

to get your copy today!

Come join us!

Your life journey is now yours to create!

*   Ask About Our Payment Plan 
** Space is limited.

DISCLAIMER:  Due to prepaid workshop costs, refunds will not be issued for not attending. Participation in equine assisted learning activities carries a certain amount of risk, as horses, being a prey animal, can sometimes be unpredictable. Users of this information assume the risk of injury resulting from any of the advice given. Equine Assisted Learning Facilitators are not licensed therapists, counsellors, or medical professionals. If you feel that you may need medical advice, please consult a qualified health care professional. 

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