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Grief Seen Through Horses-
1 on 1 Grief Sessions

Grief is a topic that makes others uncomfortable leaving the griever to try to figure it out on their own.  It can be not only hard to cope but a very lonely process that is heavy and overwhelming. Grief is not limited to death. We attend to all types of grief including loss of a loved one, loss of relationship, loss of a pet, loss of career, loss of self. Our team understands that every persons' experience with grief is unique. We offer a holistic, individualized approach with focus on mind, body and spirit. Come and take a moment to breathe and take the pressure off. There is scientific proof that horses give us the gift of peaceful moments and a clear mind when we spend time with them. They help carry our weight and confusion to find focus and calm. Our sessions come with no expectations or judgment. There are no rules and no timelines. The team will meet you right where you are at and the sessions are personalized to you. Know that it is a safe, inclusive and sacred space. 

Contact Shari to find out if this is a fit for you.

Phone/Text: 780-893-0271


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