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Back on Track Personal Development Series

Feeling stuck in a rut or looking for a unique experience to help you learn more about yourself

Let a horse take the lead for this three week program to teach you how to move forward and find your next step.  Bring a friend, family member or significant other and learn how to move forward together! 

  • reconnect with yourself and others by partnering and connecting with a horse

  • begin to understand your own needs and boundaries

  • re-centre and re-balance by bringing awareness to what is going on in your life

  • examine what is working and what needs to improve

  • re-focus and gain new skills to move forward

  • let the horse help you learn to centre and ground yourself to find a clearer state of mind

  • relax, refresh and recharge 


Back on Track Includes:

  • 3 once/week 90 minute sessions with Equine Life Coach

  • Gift Bag

  • Personalized Graduation Gift

Your price : $225/person

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