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Our Team

Shari Lange

Assisted Learning Facilitator & Horse Facilitated Grief Guide

 I have always had a love of horses that came from growing up on a farm and later marrying a farmer/rancher. I have certifications in various modalities of Equine Bodywork Therapy and continue to work to maintain healthy happy horses. Though I enjoy working on horses, I have always had a desire to help people. Equine Assisted Learning allowed me to combine both passions and led me to start Parallel Effects Equine. I am a proud farm/ranch wife and mom of three grown sons who all have a passion for horses and the western way of life. My dream is to empower my clients through tangible life skill development and the powerful truths only horses tell.   Meet the rest of my amazing team!


Patrick Swayze

The Dirty Dancer

Patrick Swayze is his full name but we call him Swayze for short. He is a 19 year old quarter horse gelding that has primarily been used in the sport of team roping. Swayze is a heading horse, which means he chases the steer down the arena for the roper to catch by the head with his/her rope. Once caught he helps to pull and guide the steer around the corner to allow the heeler to catch the heels of the steer.  Then he has to turn around and face his heeler to get a time. He could turn around so fast with all feet flying! That is how he got the nickname Dirty Dancer! Swayze also has a habit of untying himself. He even has had a phone number on his halter if he untied himself at an event! Swayze is not yet retired from rodeo but in his spare time, he is a horse teacher. He is kind and sweet and enjoys being with people.


Two Socks

The Veteran

Two Socks should be named No Socks.  He was born dark grey and over time has gone completely white. When he was grey he had a white sock marking on each of his two back legs.  They have completely disappeared!  Two Socks is a 19 year old gelding and has been everywhere and done that!  He has been on our ranch since he was 4 years old.  He is a ranch horse, and a roping horse.  He has taught many kids to rope including all 3 of Shari's sons. He has also been involved in many Jr. Rodeo events and has travelled to many places.  He now adds teaching to his resume. Some may call Two Socks lazy but we call him a smart self preservationist!

Parallel Effects -44.jpg


The Gentleman

Whip came to us as a 6 year old gelding to begin his life on our ranch.  He loves to chase cows on pasture and likes rope them too. He is also partially retired at a young age due to a tendon injury in his front left leg. Whip loves to be around people and has a very gentle and kind personality. His trust needs to be earned though as he is a little timid and shy at times. Now at 18 years of age he is ready to take on the new challenge of being a life skill development teacher! 

Parallel Effects -41.jpg


The Faithful

Jimmy came to us as a 10 year old team roping heading horse.  He is now 18.  In his time with us he has also become a very capable ranch horse helping us with all the work that needs to be done.  He loves his jobs and is always willing to go to work.  Jimmy gets along with almost anyone and enjoys children too.  When we need him we can always count on Jimmy.  He is very trustworthy and enjoys working with people in the programs. He is a wonderful teacher for anyone who is willing to listen to what he has to say.  



The Wise

Walter is a 20 year old Quarter Horse. He is a talented team roping horse that is both a heading horse and a heeling horse. He came to us a few years ago and has roped in many rodeos and jackpots all over Alberta. He helps us on our ranch with the many cattle duties assigned to him. Walter is gentle but is not a push over. He requires a strong leader as he is a leader himself. As his rodeo career points to retirement, he is assuming a new role as an Equine Assisted Learning teacher. Walter teaches in a swift, immediate way, passing on his wisdom to his students.

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