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Leadership Development


Looking for a different approach to team building & leadership development?

 Our unique BuildingBlock ProgramTM is not only innovative, challenging and results oriented but unforgettable and fun for the participants.  Skills are the key to unlocking the knowledge and experience an employee has acquired. Our program will reveal the hidden dynamics of your team.  Our teachers cannot be fooled.  The team will learn the value and power of communication as well as learning how we as individuals communicate with others.  They will also learn to be strong leaders with confidence.  What is the result for your business?  Increased business profits by increasing your team's productivity.  Give your team the skills, training and development they need to grow as individuals and increase functionality in one fun filled day. Grow the individual and build employees into future leaders! 


Why will this program work?

  • one of a kind hands on learning experience

  • the horses make everyone on the team equal. This takes out the competitiveness to focus on collaboration and communication 

  • research backed programs with proven results and outcomes your organization is looking for

  • objectives and outcomes tailored to your organization

  • immediate change through experiential learning

  • horses reveal the hidden dynamics of your leaders and team. They make the invisible, visible

  • unforgettable lessons that will be remembered

What can you expect?

  • no horse experience needed, all exercises accomplished on the ground, we teach the skills for a safe and rewarding experience

  • half or full day​​ team building and leadership development with objectives customized to organization 

  • a solid understanding of who is in your team and how to effectively communicate and work together

  • begin to transform employees into leaders

  • 2 or 3 equine assisted learning sessions with your team, dependant on objectives chosen

  • communication assessment (full day)

  • includes a lunch, drinks, snacks

  • all workshop materials included

*Specializing in groups of 6-12.  

Unforgettable hands-on learning!

Book your game-changer today!

DISCLAIMER: Participation in equine assisted learning activities carries a certain amount of risk, as horses, being a prey animal, can sometimes be unpredictable. Users of this information assume the risk of injury resulting from any of the advice given.

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