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What People Are Saying...

Authentic You Weekend Workshop


Discovery, inspiration and healing are words I would use to describe my experience. As soon as I walked in I felt welcome and safe. The snacks and homemade lunch (what!) were a special and yummy touch. I love the bookmarks and sketch book and will refer to them often. It was great how the classroom part led into the working with the horses. They are amazing teachers. The people and horses here will always have a special place in my heart. I will be back for more!!
Chrisanthia W.


Once a burden, now a powerhouse! 


For years I walked around feeling that my emotional weaknesses were a burden to my family and wished I could be strong and deal with whatever life offered. I wanted to return to university that I had walked away from years earlier, and finally get my degree but my confidence was shattered.

A friend of mine who was at a crossroads in her life asked me to go with her to the Women’s Authentic You Workshop being offered by Equine Connection in our area. To humour her, I went and to be honest, I expected to gain nothing but her continuing friendship from the endeavor.

I was so wrong! It impacted me more than anything I have ever done in my life. I finally found out who I really was and that person still had a lot to offer.
Jenn S.


Letting go...

A day that helped me look inward to myself and my "restrictions". It felt liberating to "let go" and share. Also inspiring to hear/see others challenges and insights.

Fearless & Flawless Retreat

Go for it!


Even if you have no idea about horses. It is truly amazing how they pick up on you!

Debbie P.

Try it!


A great opportunity to come back into the space of learning. Thoroughly enjoyed Shari and the team of educators.

Pauline M.

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